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What happened after Marcus sold his candy?
a) He gave Mrs. Segal the rent money.
b) He talked to an older man about sales.
c) He ate at a Romanian restaurant.
d) He borrowed Mrs. Segal\'s brass tray.

Which generalization based on the selection is most likely valid?
a) Most new immigrants had to struggle to get by.
b) All of the immigrants came at the same time.
c) Many immigrants were treated unfairly by the police.
d) None of the immigrants ever left New York City.

How was Marcus like other immigrants?
a) He was going to become rich.
b) He was all alone.
c) He did not have a warm coat.
d) He was starting off with nothing.

Why was Marcus ashamed of being a peddler?
a) He knew he was not a good salesman.
b) He expected to have a more important job.
c) He didn\'t want to do the same thing his father had.
d) He had to accept his first dollar from Mrs. Segal.

What happened right after all the boarders left the apartment?
a) Mrs. Segal cleaned the floor.
b) Mrs. Segal made coffee.
c) Marcus found the Segal\'s apartment.
d) Marcus started his first job.

What is a luxury?
a) silly expense
b) circumstance
c) high-priced pleasure
d) challenge

What did Marcus\'s mother give him?
a) a heavy coat
b) advice
c) a metal tray
d) chocolates

What does elbow (verb) mean?
a) force
b) launch
c) shuffle
d) coax

Why was the address Marcus had in his pocket so important?
a) It was where all new immigrants went.
b) It was the home of his best friend.
c) It was the address of his future boss.
d) It was where people lived who could help him.

What are immigrants?
a) field workers who move as the seasons change
b) people who move to another country to live there
c) people who travel from place to place for pleasure
d) people who do not have permanent homes

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