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What are the two parts of the structure shown in the sketch below?
a) chromatin
b) kodachrome
c) sister chromatids
d) chromosomes

Which of the following is not an example of asexual reproduction.
a) growing children
b) fertilization of an egg
c) cutting and rooting plants
d) repair of damaged skin

What is the picture shown below?
a) DNA fingerprint
b) chromosome profile
c) amniocentesis
d) karyotype

Ultimately,your sex was determined by your:
a) mother
c) father
d) mother and father

What is the sex of the individual shown in the diagram below?
a) male
b) female
c) cannot be determined

The activity taking place in the photograph below is called:
a) telekinesis
b) meiosis
c) cytokinesis
d) metaphase

The production of gametes results from the process known as
a) mitosis
b) metaphase
c) cytokinesis
d) meiosis

One egg parent cell results in:
a) one egg
b) four eggs
c) three eggs
d) two eggs

The diploid number of chromosomes in humans is:
a) 22
b) 46
c) 44
d) 23

When cell undergo mitosis the resulting daughter cells:
a) are gametes
b) contain a haploid number of chromosomes
c) are genetically identical
d) contain different chromosomes

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