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What is science?
a) a way of learning more about the natural world
d) a resonable educated possible answer based on what you know and observe

What questions should you ask about a conclusion?
a) Are there any other possible explanations?
b) both 1 and 3
c) Does it make sense?
d) Are you serious?

Data from an experiment must be
a) able to be repeated
b) none of these
c) both exact and able to be repeated
d) exact

A representation of an object or event is a
a) hypothesis
b) model
c) system
d) data

The study of living systems is called
a) Physical Science
b) Chemistry
c) Life Science
d) Earth Science

Which of the following is NOT a type of model?
a) Physical
b) Computer
c) variable
d) Idea

Which of the following is a RULE describing a pattern observed in nature?
a) Scientific Law
b) explanation
c) technology
d) hypothesis

What is it called when you combine what you already know with new facts?
a) estimate
b) critical thinking
c) inference
d) hypothesis

An attempt to explain a pattern in nature is a
a) guess
b) observation
c) hypothesis
d) Scientific theory

A collection of structures, cycles, and processes is a
a) hypothesis
b) system
c) theory
d) observation

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