Unit 2 Review- 6th Grade 18/19 Question Preview (ID: 44064)

Review For The Unit 2 Test.

a naturally formed, inorganic solid that has a definite crystalline structure
a) rock
b) mineral
c) crystal
d) glass

not shiny
a) dull
b) rock
c) malleable
d) luster

What type of properties are hardness, luster, density, etc
a) chemical properties
b) physical properties
c) State of Matter
d) Triple Beam Balance

The color of a mineral when rubbed on a plate
a) luster
b) malleable
c) streak
d) ductile

Easily broken; not flexible
a) luster
b) break
c) fragile
d) brittle

What is the scale that determines how hard a mineral is?
a) Legion's Hardness Scale
b) Mineral Hardness Scale
c) Ultimate Scale
d) Moh's Hardness Scale

What is the density of a 10g weight that has a volume of 5 ml?
a) 5 g/ml
b) 2 g/ml
c) 1 g/cm3
d) 50 g/ml

What would this be classified as: silvery solid, conductor, malleable, not brittle
a) metal
b) non metal
c) metalloid

Luster describes the shininess of a metal
a) True
b) False

Which property allows the transfer of heat to food being cooked in a pot?
a) luster
b) ductility
c) conductivity
d) malleability

Anything that has mass and takes up space.
a) matter
b) mass
c) chemistry
d) metals

Formula for Density
a) m x v
b) m/v
c) v/m
d) v + m

Shares properties of metals and non-metals; shine and/or dull, brittle, semi-conductive
a) metals
b) non metals
c) metalloids

The amount of space that matter takes up.
a) density
b) matter
c) mass
d) volume

formula is L x W x H
a) mass
b) density
c) volume
d) matter

What does it mean if a metal is ductile?
a) It is able to be turned into pennies.
b) It can be pulled out or drawn into long wires.
c) It can be molded.
d) It can produce lots of heat

What does it mean if a metal is malleable?
a) It can be bent when heated.
b) It gives of plenty of heat.
c) It can be rolled into wires.
d) It is light weight.

substances that have the physical properties of luster, conductivity, and malleability. May appear in all three states of matter
a) metals
b) non metals
c) metalloids

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