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Who has the power to veto laws?
a) Executive
b) Mom
c) Judicial
d) Legislative

Determines whether a law is unconstitutional?
a) The Legislature
b) all three braches
c) Judicial
d) Executive

Enacts taxes, authorizes the borrowing of money, and sets the budget?
a) Legislative
b) all three.
c) Judicial
d) Executive

Makes Decress or Declartions...for example: declaring a state of emergancy!
a) Judicial
b) Legislative
c) Executive
d) all three branches

Has the power to pardon convicted criminals?
a) Executive
b) Judicial
c) Legislative
d) Paris Hilton

May nullify laws that conflict with a more important law or constitution?
a) Executive
b) Congress and Senate
c) Legislative
d) Judicial

Appoints Superme Court Justices
a) Executive
b) Senator of Washington D.C
c) Other Superme Court Justices
d) Last termed president

Polices its own members?
a) President
b) Council
c) Executive
d) Judicial

May refuse to enforce certain laws
a) executive
b) legislative
c) judicial
d) congress and congreess men

Immune to arbitrary dismissal by other branches?
a) judicial
b) executive
c) legislative
d) Brack Obama

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