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Shannon jogs 3000 meters due north in 15 minutes and then jogs 4000 meters due south in 20 minutes. Determine the magnitude of her velocity.
a) 21 m/s
b) 3.3 m/s
c) 1.2 m/s
d) 0 m/s

Two vectors of magnitudes 25 and 15 are added together. The minimum magnitude of the resultant vector is
a) 40
b) 25
c) 15
d) 10

A race car circles a 1500 meter track 5 times. The total displacement of the race car is
a) 7500 meters
b) 1500 meters
c) 0 meters
d) must know time to determine answer

Which point is furthest north?
a) 60 degrees east of north
b) 30 degrees east of north
c) 60 degrees west of south
d) 30 degrees south of west

Which of the following is a scalar quantity?
a) velocity
b) speed
c) force
d) displacement

A dog trots 25 meters due south, turns and trots 11 meters due north. Determine the dog's displacement.
a) 14 meters north
b) 36 meters south
c) 14 meters south
d) 11 meters north

Which of the following is a vector?
a) time
b) mass
c) volume
d) acceleration

A vector is a measure of
a) quality and magnitude
b) magnitude and position
c) magnitude and direction
d) position and time

_________ refers to how far an object has moved. ________ refers to the change in position of an object.
a) displacement; distance
b) distance; speed
c) distance; displacement
d) time; distance

Which point is the furthest south?
a) 45 degrees east of north
b) 75 degrees south of west
c) 40 degrees east of south
d) 45 degrees north of west

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