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a great agitation
a) conduct
b) ability
c) splendor
d) shaking

plaintive singing
a) melancholy
b) melodious
c) quiet
d) loud

his aloof manner
a) pleasant
b) indifferent
c) upstanding
d) friendly

a palatial yacht
a) magnificent
b) docked
c) seaworthy
d) chartered

to see the apparition
a) specialist
b) friend
c) vision
d) problem

a strong obsession
a) smell
b) preoccupation
c) belief
d) taste

the artist's benefactor
a) critic
b) patron
c) studio
d) neighbor

to moor the boat
a) sink
b) fasten
c) build
d) sail

to cope with a problem
a) discuss
b) avoid
c) handle
d) ignore

to trace your genealogy
a) report
b) portrait
c) ancestry
d) footsteps

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