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Living things change during their lives through _____.
a) reproduction
b) adaptation and organization
c) making responses
d) growth and development

The information gathered from experiments is called _____.
a) the data
b) the conclusion
c) the hypothesis
d) the research

A structured procedure for collecting information to test a hypothesis is a(n) _____.
a) principle
b) experiment
c) control
d) theory

The part of an experiment in which all conditions are kept the same is the _____.
a) hypothesis
b) independent variable
c) conclusion
d) control

A testable explanation for a question or problem is a(n) _____.
a) experiment
b) verifiable law
c) observation
d) hypothesis

Key to the study of biology is learning about the _____.
a) rocks
b) all of these
c) chemicals
d) life around us

The theme that reflects the idea that there has been a gradual change in the characteristics of species over time is _____.
a) energy
b) evolution
c) reproduction
d) unity within diversity

Why is the hypothesis that black cats cause bad luck not science?
a) The results of studying the hypothesis are not repeatable
b) All of these
c) The hypothesis cannot be tested by controlled experiments
d) The results of studying the hypothesis are open to judgment

Which of the following studies is outside the realm of science?
a) astrology
b) bacterial reproduction
c) plant growth
d) animal behavior

A scientific explanation of known facts arrived at through repeated testing over time is a(n) ____
a) theory
b) experiment
c) natural law
d) observation

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