US8 Ch. 16 Sect 3 Question Preview (ID: 44027)


Segregation is also known as...
a) Jim Crow Laws
b) Reconstruction Laws
c) a Democratic policy
d) a Radical Republican policy

What is referred to as the 'cycle of poverty' in the South during reconstruction?
a) slavery
b) the failure of the Freedmen's Bureau
c) sharecropping
d) poor farming soil in the west

Which court case established the rule of 'separate but equal' and upheld segregation?
a) Giddeon v Ogden
b) Marbury v Madison
c) Plessy v Ferguson
d) McChulloh v Maryland

or Jim Crow Laws- enforced separation of races (hospitals, cemeteries, restaurants, railroads, buses)
a) segregation
b) grandfather clause
c) poll tax
d) literacy test

a provision that allowed a voter to avoid the literacy test if his father or grandfather had been eligible to vote in 1867.
a) literacy test
b) segregation
c) poll tax
d) grandfather clause

a test to see if a person could read and write (often, they were required to read a section of the Constitution and explain it)
a) poll tax
b) literacy test
c) segregation
d) grandfather clause

a personal tax to be paid before voting
a) grandfather clause
b) literacy test
c) poll tax
d) segregation

The end of the Reconstruction was a direct result of...
a) the presidential election of 1876
b) election of Ulysses S. Grant
c) The Reconstruction Act
d) The establishment of the New South

Whose presidency caused many Americans to lose faith in government? (Hint: he hired his friends in government positions and later found they were corrupt)
a) Andrew Johnson
b) Ulysses S. Grant
c) Andrew Jackson
d) Rutherford B. Hayes

Why is the South at this time considered the 'New South'?
a) its increase in industry and economic growth
b) its treatment of freed African Americans
c) the use of sharecropping to increase plantation production

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