USI.3c #2 Question Preview (ID: 44011)

Reviews USI.3c.

Most American Indians (First Americans) met their basic food needs by —
a) trading with neighboring tribes
b) buying goods from colonial settlers
c) traveling to a nearby town
d) using resources in the environment

Which would best describe a capital resource for American Indians?
a) fish
b) buffalo
c) hunter
d) canoe

Which group of First Americans lived in a teepee?
a) Apache
b) Lakota
c) Iroqouis
d) Kwakiutl

Why did the Pueblo Indians live in an adobe dwelling?
a) They preferred this type of dwelling to log homes.
b) It did not bother them to leave a mud dried brick home when they moved from place to place
c) The material to build this type of dwelling was readily available in the environment.
d) This type of dwelling could withstand the fierce hurricanes that were common to this area

The Kwakiutl built their homes out of —
a) fur
b) sun dried brick
c) snow and ice
d) wood products

Which of the following descriptions best describes the housing of the Inuit?
a) Fur and plants
b) Ice and snow dome shapes
c) Sun dried brick
d) Long wooden poles

Which American Indian group mainly hunted buffalo?
a) Pueblo
b) Iroquois
c) Kwakiutl
d) Lakota

Which is NOT a human resource?
a) fisherman
b) spear
c) farmer
d) hunter

Which of the following is NOT a capital resource most likely used by early American  Indians?
a) spear
b) canoe
c) bow
d) person making clothes

What factors influenced American Indians’ basic needs?
a) political system
b) geography and climate
c) historical events
d) jobs and technology

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