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when computers are connected and can share information with other computers they are in a..
a) Building
b) Network
c) Social Network
d) Minicomputer system

Computer connected together in a relatively close location will usually use this type of network
a) WAN
b) MAN
c) LAN
d) DAN

When computers are connected together in a wider area like city, state, country, they will use this type of network
a) Wider Network
b) LAN
d) WAN

LAN stands for
a) Local Area Network
b) Local Army Network
c) Looney As Nellie
d) Local Access Network

WAN stands for
a) Wide Access Network
b) Wide Account Network
c) Willing And Noble
d) Wide Area Network

A circuit board that contains many integral components in the computer
a) CPU
b) Basic Controllers
c) Motherboard
d) Fatherboard

Allows you to use your computer to communicate with other computers
a) Modem
b) LAN
c) WAN
d) Computer telephone

Which computer would be best suited for home use?
a) Super Computer
b) Desktop Computer
c) Minicomputer
d) Mainframe Computer

What 4 things are required for a Computer System?
a) hardware, software, data, people
b) hardware, software, case, people
c) Computer, Monitor, Keyboard, mouse
d) Network, Computer, Modem, software

An opening on the motherboard where acircuit board or additional memory can be added
a) CPU
b) ROM
c) USB
d) Expansion Slots

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