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Reviews USI.3c.

Which statement does NOT describe the Eastern Woodland Indian communities
a) Multiple families would live in one longhouse made from bark, sticks, and other natural resources.
b) They depended on hunting and farming for  their main food resources
c) They lived in multi-story houses made out of  adobe.
d) They often lived close to a river source, used  for transportation and fishing.

What responsibilities did men within an Eastern Woodland tribe have?
a) Harvesting and cooking the garden crops
b) Weaving baskets and making pottery
c) Hunting and fishing
d) Taking care of the children

Which is an example of a human resource?
a) Fish
b) Canoes
c) Fishing Tools
d) Fishing Skills

Which American Indians adapted to freezing temperatures?
a) Kwakiutl
b) Lakota
c) Inuit
d) Pueblo

Which American Indian group lived in a climate that was rainy and mild?
a) Kwakiutl
b) Lakota
c) Iroquois
d) Inuit

Which is a characteristic of the region inhabited by Pueblo Indians?
a) Rainy climate
b) Desert
c) Forests
d) Flat grasslands

The American Indians of North America were similar in that they all ____.
a) lived along rivers
b) used their environment to obtain food,  clothing, and shelter.
c) spoke the same language
d) got along with the settlers and explorers.

Which of the First Americans did NOT farm?
a) Iroquois
b) Kwakiutl
c) Pueblo
d) Inuit

American Indians made their clothing from —
a) animal skins and plants
b) silk
c) cotton
d) fabric

Why were the Lakota Indians considered to be nomadic?
a) They followed their food source.
b) They followed the patterns of the seasons; moving from place to place so they wouldn't face  winter.
c) They were afraid to settle in one place.
d) They liked different types of scenery and the opportunities that different climates provided.

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