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____________ is a measure of the amount of matter in an object.
a) Mass
b) Volume
c) Grams
d) Matter

Anything that has mass and takes up space is said to be ______________.
a) Volume
b) Matter
c) Mass
d) Weight

____________ is the measure of gravitational force put on an objects's mass.
a) Grams
b) Volume
c) Mass
d) Weight

___________ is the measure of how tightly packed matter is in an object.
a) Density
b) Mass
c) Volume
d) Grams

If an object's density is less than the fluid it is surrouding, it will ______________.
a) Float
b) Sink
c) Do nothing
d) Hmmm....who knows?!

____________ is the upward force that any fluid has on a object it is surrouding.
a) Buoyancy
b) Density
c) Volume
d) Gravity

If an object or substance easily enables heat to flow through it, it is considered to be a good _____________.
a) Conductor
b) Insulator
c) Piece of matter
d) Volumizer

We use goose feathers and thick cotton in much of our winter clothing because these materials are good ________________.
a) Clothes...duh!
b) Volumizers
c) Conductors
d) Insulators

Knowing how much space an object's matter takes up, is the same thing as knowing an object's ___________.
a) Volume
b) Mass
c) Density
d) Newtons

Because gravity is a measure of force, and weight is a measure of gravitational force, we measure weight in _____________.
a) Newtons
b) Grams
c) Cubic centimeters
d) Dense balls

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