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True or False: A HAUGHTY person thinks you are better than he is.
a) True
b) False
c) n/a
d) n/a

Another synonym for DESTINY is...
a) End
b) Commotion
c) Flexible
d) Future

An example of a COMMOTION is...
a) Whispering
b) Reading a book silently
c) A 21-gun salute
d) An empty room

What are 2 antonyms for GLUM?
a) Mean and evil
b) Happy and joyful
c) Smart and interesting
d) Dark and night

Your Aztec teacher has to VERIFY that you bring a certain something to school every day. What is it?
a) Your friends
b) Your homework for every single class
c) Your parents
d) Your planner

A GREGARIOUS person is NOT...
a) Friendly
b) Alone
c) Social
d) Talkative

Which of the following is NOT an example of what it means to CONSOLIDATE?
a) Having all the students at AVMS wear similar uniform colors
b) Putting all the students in the band room for lunch
c) Separating the girl students from the boy students
d) Having an assembly on Friday for all the students

If you SUPPRESS a person's argument, you are...
a) Listening to him
b) Yelling at him
c) Getting him to stop talking
d) Ignoring him

The definition of the word VERIFY is...
a) to explain something
b) to understand something
c) to prove that something is true
d) to lie about something

The definition of the word HAUGHTY is...
a) to be really nice
b) to be helpful
c) to think you are better than others
d) to be a good friend

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