Greek Mythology And Religious Practices Question Preview (ID: 43965)

This Quiz Covers Greek Mythological Figures, Religious Practices, And Mythological Stories.

The Greek gods are unique because they are...
a) beautiful and forever young - they give something for people to admire and aspire to.
b) imperfect, just like real people.
c) good examples for how the people of earth should live their lives.
d) simple beings who love to take care of humans.

Imagine you are a farmer in ancient Greece, and your crops are dying due to a drought. Which god or goddess would you pray to?
a) Poseidon
b) Apollo
c) Hades
d) Zeus

If you refused to invite a guest into your house, which Olympic god might punish you?
a) Artemis
b) Zeus
c) Hera
d) Hermes

Which god or goddess has the symbol of the swan?
a) Aphrodite
b) Hestia
c) Apollo
d) Athena

Which god or goddess was NOT a part of the story of the Trojan War?
a) Zeus
b) Aphrodite
c) Hermes
d) Hera

Which god or goddess would most like to receive an offering of a wild pig?
a) Artemis
b) Athena
c) Aphrodite
d) Poseidon

What are some common characteristics of a class Greek temple?
a) Lots of benches inside for praying, brightly colored structure, booths selling items for sacrifice
b) Pyramid shaped, torches burning at the entrance, soothsayers stationed outside
c) Beautiful windows, Heavy wooden doors, tall staircases at the entryway
d) Tall columns, an outside altar, statues found inside

What is the difference between a soothsayer and a priest or priestess?
a) A soothsayer tells the future, while a priest speaks on behalf of a god.
b) A soothsayer receives years of training, whereas a priestess inherits her title from her parents.
c) Only kings can appoint soothsayers; anyone can choose to become a priest.
d) You must join a secret society to become soothsayer. You do not have to join one to become a priestess.

Before the earth was created, the Greeks believed there was nothingness, known as which term?
a) Nox
b) The Golden Age
c) Chaos
d) Cronos

The main Greek gods are called the Olympians because...
a) The city of Olympia contained all 12 temples dedicated to them.
b) The titans named them after themselves
c) The first Olympics were dedicated to all of them
d) They live on Mt. Olympus

What is a lesson someone could learn from the story of Arachne?
a) We must not tell lies about others in order to make ourselves look better.
b) We must be humble about our achievements, and show gratitude to those who have helped us in our lives.
c) We must develop our talents by ourselves in order to avoid others taking credit for our work.
d) The gods are jealous of humans, and not to be trusted.

What made the Hydra particularly hard to kill in the story of Hercules?
a) Its skin could not be cut by spears or arrows.
b) It was already dead, and therefore could not be killed.
c) Hera had put a powerful spell on the Hydra, making it invisible.
d) As soon as one head was chopped off of the Hydra, 2 more grew in its place.

What item remained in Pandora's box that was finally released at the end of the story?
a) Greed
b) Hate
c) Hope
d) Envy

Why is Prometheus seen as a hero to the human race?
a) He stood up to Zeus, which inspired humans to rise up against him as well.
b) He brought fire to humans, lifting us out of darkness and ignorance.
c) He protected humans from a dangerous flood sent by Poseidon.
d) He was a human himself until Athena granted him eternal life.

What is the difference between a Greek god and a titan?
a) The titans were born from a giant egg, while the Greek gods came from Chaos.
b) The titans are ugly and frightening, while the Greek gods are beautiful and strong.
c) The titans are older, and are the children of Gaea and Uranus.
d) The titans are mortal, while the Greek gods cannot ever die.

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