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What kind of triangle has 2 sides the same length?
a) equilateral
b) scalene
c) isosceles
d) right

What measures the distance around an object?
a) area
b) perimeter
c) echolocation
d) sum

what is another name for a number?
a) digit
b) Billy
c) scalene
d) sum

What type of triangle has no sides the same length?
a) equilateral
b) scalene
c) isosceles
d) short

How many millimeters are in a centimeter?
a) 1,000
b) 100
c) 10
d) a billion

Which measurement below is the largest?
a) kilometer
b) mile
c) yard
d) meter

What do you call a part of a line?
a) part
b) linear
c) segment
d) inch

What property of addition and multiplication says that it does not matter what order you add or multiply in, the answer is the same?
a) associative
b) commutative
c) boardwalk
d) distributive

What measures the distance to the center of a circle?
a) masking tape
b) vertex
c) diameter
d) radius

What do you you call the distance all the way across a circle through the center?
a) sum
b) vertex
c) radius
d) diameter

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