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Control Of Microbial Growth.[print questions]

Bleach, Ammonia, and Vineager are all examples of what?
a) Disinfection
b) Antisepsis
c) Sanitization
d) Sterilization

What is degerming?
a) All of these
b) (degermination) mechanical removal of microbes from a limited area
c) this is done usually before immunization, blood draw
d) is a type of antisepsis

what is a heat treatment that is sufficient enough to kill botulism endospores?
a) Commercial sterilization
b) Sterilization
c) Disenfectant
d) Sanitization

What is the destruction of vegetative pathogens (living cells) on non-living surfaces?
a) Sterilization
b) Antisepsis
c) Degerming (Degermination)
d) Disinfection

What is antisepsis?
a) destruction of vegetative pathogens (cells) on living tissues
b) its sepsis
c) destruction of vegetative pathogens (living cells) on non-living surfaces
d) none of these

What is sanitization and how is it accomplished?
a) treatments to lower microbial counts on eating and drinking utensils to safe public health levels
b) is acoomplished via high temp washing or chemical disenfectant
c) none of these
d) first two answers

define sepsis
a) absence of bacterial growth
b) absene of bacterial contamination
c) none of these
d) bacterial contamination

what is bacteriostasis?
a) agent or treatment that stops growth or multiplication of bacteria but doesnt kill them
b) bacterial contamination
c) absence of bacterial contamination
d) none of these

What factor protects food quality where less heat is used?
a) biocide (germicide)
b) bacteriostasis
c) commercial sterilization
d) disenfection

What is the function of fungicides?
a) Kills fungi
b) kills bacteria
c) inactivates the (kill) viruses
d) none of these

What are bactericides?
a) kills fungi
b) none of these
c) all of theses
d) kills bacteria

what is a biocide?
a) is a germicide that kills microorganisms
b) it kills bacteria
c) it kills fungi
d) none of these

What is the purpose of sterilization?
a) the destruction/removal of all forms of microbial life including endospore
b) it may not destroy prions
c) sterilization is absolute; there are no degrees of sterilization
d) all of these

what are virucides?
a) inactivate (kill) viruses
b) kills bacteria
c) Kills fungi
d) its not real

What are tuberculocides?
a) None of these
b) Function is to kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis
c) kills bacteria
d) kills fungi

Define asepsis
a) absence of baterial contamination
b) bacterial contamination
c) agent or treatment that stops growth or multiplication of bacterai, but doesnt kill them
d) none of these

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