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Law Of Conservation Of Energy And PE/ KE.[print questions]

Newton's 3rd law of motion states......
a) for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
b) mass is the measure of matter
c) an object at rest stays at rest
d) an object in motion stays in motion

Newtons First law of motion is about.....
a) acceleration
b) inertia
c) weight
d) airplanes

Newton's 2nd law of motion is F=MxA with that in mind what is going to have the most force?
a) a 6 ft 250 lb linebacker
b) an olympic gymnast (5 ft. 90 lbs)
c) a 6'5 ft 200 lb basketball player
d) a 6 ft 150 lb volleyball player

Which of the follow is an example of chemical energy?
a) a stretched rubber band
b) a tank of gas
c) a rolling ball
d) a bird flying

Which of the following is an example of kinetic energy?
a) a stretch rubber band
b) a tank of gas
c) a battery
d) a rolling ball

The law of conservation of energy says.....
a) energy can be transferred
b) energy can be used up
c) energy cannot be created or destroyed
d) all the energy in our universe is about gone

Where does a roller coaster have the most PE?
a) top
b) bottom
c) middle
d) no energy present

Where does the roller coaster have the most KE?
a) top
b) bottom
c) middle
d) no energy is present in a roller coaster

The energy you give to an object when you use a force that goes against the force of gravity.
a) kinetic energy
b) potential energy
c) gravitational potential energy
d) nuclear energy

Energy cannot be created or destroyed.....
a) the law of momentum
b) the law of ineria
c) the law of conservation of energy
d) the law of 6th grade science

When something is in the solid state the particles are.....
a) far apart
b) close together
c) moving very fast
d) not moving at all

In Mrs. Y's analogy about the states of matter a liquid would be like.....
a) the classroom
b) the hallway during passing period
c) recess
d) recess on monster drinks

The particles are moving the fastest and are farthest apart in the....
a) solid state
b) liquid state
c) gas state
d) plasma state

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