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a) eat
b) move in
c) move out
d) equilibrium

a) move in
b) move out
c) eat
d) homeostasis

uses energy to move things across the membrane
a) active transport
b) passive transport
c) homeostasis
d) equilibrium

in a hypotonic solution, the cell will
a) swell
b) shrink
c) stay the same
d) nothing

osmosis is
a) the movement of water
b) the movement of lipids
c) the movement of carbohydrates
d) the movement of proteins

in an isotonic solution
a) the solution and the cell are equal
b) the solution solutes are more
c) the solution solutes are less
d) the solution and cell are different

in a hypertonic solution, the cell will
a) shrink
b) swell
c) stay the same
d) nothing

diffusion is
a) molecules move from high to low concentration gradient
b) molecules move from low to high concentration gradient
c) isotonic solution
d) hypertonic solution

water loving ?
a) hydrophilic
b) hydrophobic
c) lipids
d) tail

no energy is used to move molecules across the membrane
a) passive transport
b) active transport
c) exocytosis
d) endocytosis

water fearing
a) tail
b) head
c) lipid
d) hydrophilic

function of intracellular receptors
a) bind to molecules that can pass through the membrane
b) bind to molecules that cannot pass through the membrane
c) lipids
d) cell membrane

processes, sorts, and delivers proteins
a) golgi body
b) ER
c) vesicle
d) vacuole

2 systems of the cell that does not help make proteins but makes lipids
a) smooth ER
b) rough ER
c) nucleus
d) ribosome

is the storehouse for most of the cell's genetic info
a) nucleus
b) nucleolus
c) membrane
d) mitochondria

is a jelly substance that hold all the organelles in a cell
a) cytoplasm
b) cytoskeleton
c) centrioles
d) cell wall

what type of cell does not have a nucleus
a) prokaryote
b) eukaryote
c) animal
d) plant

job is to make proteins by linking amino acids together
a) ribosome
b) nucleolus
c) golgi body
d) nucleus

The cell theory does not support which idea
a) cells come from bacteria
b) all cells come from pre-existing cells
c) cells are the basic unit of life
d) cells make up all living organisms

goes against the concentration gradient
a) active transport
b) passive transport
c) equilibrium
d) homeostasis

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