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Welcome Back 2nd Graders! We Have Been Learning How To Solve For The Unknown..... Let's Test Out Your Skills! TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Ariel was playing basketball outside. 46 of her shots went into the hoop. 59 of her shots did not go into the hoop. How many shots did she shoot in all?
a) 107
b) 105
c) 106
d) 98

Adrianna 86 pieces of bubble gum to share with her classmates. The next day she give her friends the gum. She was left with 19 pieces of gum. How many pieces of gum did she give to her friends?
a) 78
b) 106
c) 105
d) 67

Mrs. King bought 49 brand new beavers for our school. Dr. Johnson bought 56 stuffed beavers for the display case. How many beavers did they buy for ALB?
a) 105
b) 107
c) 7
d) 17

There were 100 ants on the playground. Thirty-seven ran away when they saw the anteater. How many ants were left?
a) 137
b) 63
c) 106
d) 64

Mrs. EG went to the pumpkin patch and she picked several things for her family. She picked 75 strawberries, 27 sunflowers, and 18 small pumpkins. How many things did she buy at the pumpkin patch?
a) 129
b) 110
c) 120
d) 121

Mrs. Hobby wanted to buy tickets for the hay ride. She spent $37 for the hay ride. She gave the cashier $60. How much will she get back?
a) 23
b) 13
c) 97
d) 29

The Girl Scouts sold 329 Tag-Alongs and 177 Mint cookies. How many cookies did the Girl Scouts sell this year?
a) 448
b) 152
c) 446
d) 165

The kindergarten students visited the zoo today. They saw 49 different types of blue birds and several red birds. They saw a total if 101 birds on their field trip. How many red birds did they see?
a) 55
b) 105
c) 150
d) 52

The restaurant has 215 chairs and 75 high chairs. How many more chairs are there than high chairs?
a) 290
b) 140
c) 138
d) 151

I had 78 Pokemon cards, but my little sister colored all over a bunch of my Pokemon cards. I only have 19 cards left! How many cards did my little sister destroy?
a) 57
b) 97
c) 101
d) 75

I bought 5 shirts at the mall. Each shirt cost $39 each. How much did I spend on the five shirts?
a) 117
b) 78
c) 195
d) 201

The Girl Scouts sold 218 Mint cookies and 132 Chocolate Chip cookies. How many cookies did they sell in all?
a) 350
b) 305
c) 150
d) 86

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