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Which of the following countries took in Jewish refugees, even though it was one of Germany's allies during WWII?
a) Japan
b) France
c) Cuba
d) Italy

Why did some Jewish refugees hope to escape to Palestine (present-day Israel)?
a) because it was easy to get to
b) because it was fighting against Germany
c) because it was not involved in the war
d) because it is the ancient homeland of the Jewish people

Which of the following was NOT a means of transportation for Jewish refugees?
a) bicycles
b) airplanes
c) trucks
d) on foot

What important event happened in September of 1939?
a) Germany attacked France
b) Germany invaded Poland
c) Germany bombed Great Britain
d) Germany sank a U.S. ship

Which of the following is a term used for people that witness harmful acts, but do nothing to help because of fear or not caring?
a) bystander
b) perpetrator
c) victim
d) upstander

What important event happened on November 9-10, 1938?
a) WWII begins
b) Germany surrendered
c) Kristallnacht
d) Hitler became dictator of Germany

Why is Kristallnacht considered a turning point in Nazi treatment of Jewish Germans?
a) helped the Hitler and the Nazis come to power in Germany
b) people were sent to concentration camps for the first time
c) beginning of discrimination against the Jewish Germans
d) first time Nazis called for widespread violence against Jewish Germans

he Nuremberg Laws stated that Jewish Germans could not fly the German government flag, but could display Jewish symbols. What did this lead the Nazis to do?
a) require Jewish German homes to fly a flag with the Star of David on it
b) require Jewish German children to salute the Nazi flag
c) require Jewish Germans to wear the Star of David as identification
d) require each synagogue to fly the Nazi flag

The German government could take away citizenship from anyone that was not __________.
a) loyal
b) in the army
c) Jewish
d) related to Hitler

What were the Nuremberg Laws?
a) laws that declared war on Britain and France
b) laws that defined German citizenship requirements
c) laws that gave Hitler power to make any law he wanted to make
d) laws that established an income tax on German citizens

Hitler Youth members were trained to protect Jews.
a) True
b) False

Hitler Youth members attended meetings and rallies where they were trained in Hitler's beliefs.
a) True
b) False

Hitler Youth members were given special uniforms.
a) True
b) False

Only 16-year-old boys were allowed to join Hitler Youth.
a) True
b) False

A ______ is a person that leaves their home to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.
a) scapegoat
b) collaborator
c) refugee
d) victim

A ___________ is a planned act of violence against a group of people.
a) shoah
b) synagogue
c) persecution
d) pogrom

What term is used for a ruler with complete power?
a) dictator
b) Nazi
c) scapegoat
d) bystander

This term is used for the deliberate murder of a large group of people.
a) fascism
b) pogrom
c) genocide
d) dictatorship

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