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Vocabulary Spanish 3. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

a) to sweep
b) to clean
c) to mop
d) to vacuum

a) to dust
b) to wash
c) to clean
d) to mow

el cortacesped
a) lightbulb
b) chair
c) living room
d) lawnmower

la bombilla
a) to change
b) light bulb
c) lawn mower
d) to mow

a) to pick up
b) to connect
c) to unplug
d) to plug in

a) to connect
b) to plug in
c) to disconnect
d) to unplug

a) to vacuum
b) to plug in
c) to take apart
d) to turn on

a) to turn on
b) to plug in
c) to turn off
d) to disconnect

sacudir el polvo o quitar el polvo
a) to wash
b) to clean
c) to empty
d) to dust

a) to empty
b) to dust
c) to wash
d) to fill up

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