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Eur Exp And Col Of The New World.[print questions]

What were the reasons for French exploration of the New World?
a) god
b) for aboriginal didgeridoo
c) for archaeological digs
d) for fur-trade and gold

What were the reasons for Great Britain's exploration of the New World?
a) Mercantilism
b) Slavery of Indians
c) Rare animals like Buffalo
d) God, Glory, and Gold

What were the reasons for Spanish exploration of the New World?
a) Mercantilism
b) God, Glory, and Gold
c) Fur trade
d) for petroleum

Who is considered the founder or father of Georgia?
a) King George II
b) Mary Musgrove
c) James Oglethorpe
d) Hernando de Soto

What was the impact of Europe's influence on the Native Americans?
a) they flourished as merchants for the Europeans
b) they went back to Europe as nobles and royalty
c) they were enslaved and sent to islands
d) many Native Americans died from diseases

Who were the Salzburgs?
a) a group of German-speaking Protestants
b) English Trustees
c) a Charter giving permission to govern
d) a Philanthropy James Oglethorpe started

Who were the Highland Scotts?
a) Africans seeking refuge from the slave trade in Africa
b) Aborigines from Australia seeking land
c) Protestant Scottish people who came to Georgia for religious freedom
d) Europeans wanting to be indebted to the King

What was the time period called after James Oglethorpe's charter ended?
a) the Royal Period
b) the Renaissance
c) the Golden Age
d) the Superbowl

What European country colonized on the eastern coast of the New World?
a) Germany
b) Portugal
c) Great Britain
d) Italy

Who was the first European credited with arriving in present-day Georgia first?
a) Hernando de Soto
b) James Oglethorpe
c) Mary Musgrove
d) King James

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