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Mineral Identification.[print questions]

Minerals are solids that form by a regular repeated pattern of molecules called
a) crystals
b) rocks
c) cleavage
d) lines

Minerals are identified primarily based on its __________ properties
a) chemical
b) physical
c) atomic
d) molecular

Which is not a way we identify minerals?
a) harness
b) luster
c) streak
d) magnetism

All minerals-
a) have a definite chemical composition
b) are organic
c) are solid
d) all of the above

Minerals breaking along flat even surfaces is called
a) cleavage
b) fracture
c) hardness
d) crystalization

When minerals break apart in an irregular way
a) cleavage
b) fracture
c) hardness
d) crystalization

Dragging a mineral along an unglazed tile will leave behind a characteristic trail of powder called
a) rock dust
b) luster
c) streak
d) crystals

One or more minerals create a:
a) element
b) rock
c) mineral crystal
d) gemstone

The softest mineral is
a) diamond
b) corundum
c) gypsum
d) talc

The hardest mineral is
a) diamond
b) corundum
c) talc
d) quartz

the _______________________ measures mineral hardness.
a) Periodic table
b) Moh's Hardness Scale
c) streak plate
d) Great Mineral Hardness Chart

According to Moh's hardness scale-Which CANNOT scratch apatite?
a) quartz
b) feldspar
c) diamond
d) topaz

When looking at Moh's hardness scale-the minerals can scratch:
a) any mineral above them on the scale
b) any mineral that is the same hardness as them only
c) any mineral below them on the scale
d) Only talc

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