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Which is NOT a property of a metal?
a) brittle
b) shiny
c) usually a solid
d) conducts heat and electricity

Which NOT a property of nonmetals?
a) brittle
b) can be all three states of matter
c) conducts electricity
d) usually an insulator

A metalloid is-
a) Just like a metal with the same properties
b) Just like a nonmetal with the same properties
c) an element that contains NO properties of metals.
d) An element that can have properties of both metals and non metals.

If Susan has an element that is hard, shiny, and conducts heat, she most likely has a-
a) metal
b) nonmetal
c) metalloid
d) liquid

If John has a material that is shiny and conducts electricity on a low level, but is easily broken, he most likely has a
a) metal
b) nonmetal
c) metalloid
d) spoon

If George has an element is that dull, easily broken, and is an insulator, he probably has a
a) metal
b) nonmetal
c) metalloid
d) computer

Most elements are-
a) metals
b) nonmetals
c) metalloids
d) invisible

The ability to reflect or absorb light is called
a) color
b) luster
c) malleability
d) ductility

If a substance can easily be shaped-such as being able to be hammered into thin sheets-it is called:
a) brittle
b) ductile
c) malleable
d) lusterous

To test for conductivity in the lab, we used:
a) a magnet
b) a flashlight
c) a hammer
d) a battery, wires, and a bulb

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