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Review Of Exploration And Colonization Of Georgia. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

who is the founder of georgia
a) mary musgrove
b) james wright
c) james oglethorpe
d) hernando de soto

what happens when you dont pay your debts
a) you work
b) debtor jail
c) home
d) you die

what was the reason Spain wanted to come to the new world
a) merchantilism
b) defense
d) god glory gold

why did france come to explore the new world
a) god glory gold
b) fur trade
c) defence
d) mercantilism

why did the great Britain explore the new wolrd
a) mercanlism
b) defence
c) fur trade
d) god glory gold

in what state did the Mississippi river began
a) Mississippi
b) Minnesota
c) new orleans
d) Alabama

where does the Mississippi empty out
a) gulf of mexico
b) new Orleans
c) lake itasca
d) Tennessee

What 3 European countries did we learn about that explored the New World?
a) India, Great Britain, and Australia
b) Portugal, Italy, and Germany
c) Spain, France, and Great Britain
d) Uganda, Egypt, and Zimbabwe

What Creek Indian Chief gave James Oglethorpe Yamacraw Bluff to start Savannah?
a) Chief Sitting Bull
b) Chief Tomochichi
c) Chief Seminole
d) Chief Musgrove

Who was James Oglethorpe's interpreter that aided him in creating the settlement of Savannah?
a) Chief Tomochichi
b) Hernando de Soto
c) Juan Ponce de Leon
d) Mary Musgrove

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