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What is the formula for calculating density?
a) D= Length x width x height
b) D= Mass x volume
c) D=mass/volume
d) D= mass - volume

What do we use to find the mass of an object?
a) a graduated cylinder
b) triple beam balance
c) you measure length, width, and height with a ruler
d) You add up all sides

How do we find the volume of a REGULAR object?
a) you multiply the length, width, and height
b) You put it on a triple beam balance
c) You drop it in a graduated cylinder with water and see how much the water level changes
d) You put it on a scale

How do you find the volume of an IRREGULAR object (like a rock)?
a) You multiply the length, width, and height.
b) You put it on a triple beam balance
c) You use water displacement (drop it in a cylinder with water and find the difference)
d) you guess

What is another name for water displacement?
a) irregular volume
b) Archimedes' Principle
c) The water rule
d) the bathtub method

IF a block has a mass of 60 g and a volume of 5 mL-what is its density?
a) 65
b) 55
c) 12
d) 5

What is the volume of a block with the measurements 2 cm, 5 cm, and 10 cm?
a) 17
b) 100
c) 52
d) 20

IF an object sinks in water-what could its density be?
a) 0.5
b) 0.6
c) 1.0
d) 2.0

Do all pieces of gold have the same density?
a) YES
b) NO

James put 50 mL of water in a cylinder. He dropped in a rock and the level rose to 70 mL. What was the volume of the rock?
a) 70
b) 20
c) 350
d) You do not have enough information.

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