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A rabbit needs to stay warm in the winter. Where does the rabbit get the energy it needs to stay warm? Where did the energy come from originally?
a) It hides in a burrow. It gets the energy from the earth.
b) The rabbit eats plants which provides the rabbit with energy to stay warm. The plant got its energy from the sun.
c) The rabbit gets its warmth from the sun. It stands in the sun to stay warm.
d) The rabbit runs all day to stay warm. It gets the warmth from exercise.

Air, water, and decomposed materials in soil are
a) changed by plants into food.
b) not necessary in an ecosystem.
c) used as food by animals.
d) biotic factors in an environment.

Where do plants mainly get the materials they need to survive?
a) water
b) air
c) none of the above
d) both air and water

An ecosystem’s stability can be upset by
a) invasive species
b) drought
c) human development
d) invasive species, drought, and human development

What is the measure of the average amount of motion in particles of matter called?
a) mass
b) volume
c) temperature
d) color

Which idea below describes the atomic theory?
a) Everything is made up of tiny particles called atoms.
b) Most atoms are metals.
c) Atoms make up compounds.
d) Atoms can be rearranged to form new elements.

Which of the following will cause a physical change to a slice of tomato?
a) pouring vinegar on it
b) cooking it
c) putting it in a blender
d) letting it rot

A liquid
a) has no definite shape but a definite volume.
b) has no definite shape or volume.
c) has molecules that vibrate.
d) has a definite shape and volume.

The freezing point of water in degrees Celsius is
a) 0.
b) 100.
c) 50.
d) 212.

The melting point and freezing point of an object are
a) 100 degrees apart.
b) completely opposite.
c) the same temperature.
d) 150.

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