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One example of people interacting with their environment is:
a) reading about regions that have a mild climate
c) mapping the roads of a region
d) clearing away trees to plant crops

Which of the following would a physical geopgrapher study?
a) primary sources
c) landforms
d) secondary sources

Which artifact is an archaeologist most likely to find at an ancient site where people once farmed?
a) newspaper article about farming
b) a packet of seeds
d) an iron tool for digging

History shapes our identity and teaches us the __________ that we share.
a) values
b) money
d) regions

Bones and ___________ preserved in rock are examples of fossils.
a) arrowheads
b) stone tools
d) footprints

Every place on Earth has a specific________.
a) region
b) area
d) location

Objects created and used by humans are _________.
a) artifacts
b) historians
d) fossils

The study of the past based on what people left behind is __________.
a) history
b) geography
d) archaeology

What is the knowledge, beliefs, customs, and values of a group of people?
a) geography
b) archaeology
d) culture

What are the materials found in the earth that people need and value?
a) resources
b) bones
d) landforms

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