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What is the layer of the atmosphere in which we live?
a) troposhere
b) stratosphere
c) thermosphere
d) mesosphere

What answer best describes Earth's atmosphere?
a) mostly nitrogen with about 21% oxygen
b) mostly oxygen with about 21% nitrogen
c) mostly carbon dioxide with about 21% oxygen
d) mostly nitrogen with about 21% carbon dioxide

What are the two highest layers of the atmosphere?
a) thermosphere and mesosphere
b) troposphere and mesosphere
c) stratosphere and thermosphere
d) stratosphere and mesosphere

What causes differences in air temperature at different altitudes?
a) mainly the way gases absorb solar energy
b) mainly the way air radiates solar energy
c) mainly the way gases radiate light
d) mainly the way moisture moves through the atmosphere

Auroras are caused by electrically charged particles in the
a) ionosphere
b) hemisphere
c) troposphere
d) mesosphere

Layered gases, thin air and little moisture describe this layer.
a) stratosphere
b) troposphere
c) thermosphere
d) mesosphere

The coldest layer, where temperature decreases as altitude increases is known as.
a) mesosphere
b) thermosphere
c) stratosphere
d) troposphere

This layer lacks particle density and although it has very high temperatures, it is not very hot.
a) thermosphere
b) stratosphere
c) troposphere
d) mesosphere

This is the densest layer of the atmosphere and cantains almost 90% of the atmosphere's mass.
a) troposphere
b) mesosphere
c) stratosphere
d) thermosphere

As altitude increases,
a) air pressure decreases
b) air pressure increases
c) air pressure is not affected
d) air pressure warms the atmosphere

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