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What is the Moon's surface like?
a) smooth
b) covered in ice
c) full of craters
d) gaseous

All of the following are outer planets except
a) Mars
b) Jupiter
c) Neptune
d) Uranus

What is the largest asteroid?
a) Ceres
b) Cereal
c) Sirius
d) Solitude

Which planet is 3rd from the Sun?
a) Venus
b) Mars
c) Jupiter
d) Earth

Which planet takes 88 days to orbit the Sun?
a) Pluto
b) Neptune
c) Saturn
d) Mercury

True or False: A comet could harm our planet today.
a) true
b) false

Which moon phase has the entire face lit up?
a) full moon
b) new moon
c) first quarter
d) last quarter

A body composed of ice and dust that orbits the Sun, usually in a very eccentric orbit, and that casts a luminous tail when it is close to the Sun.
a) asteroid
b) comet
c) meteor
d) planet

The region beyond the Kuiper belt that is populated by trillions of icy bodies and is a source of long-period comets
a) Kuiper belt
b) asteroid belt
c) comet belt
d) Oort cloud

The streak of light produced by a meteoroid burning in Earth's atmosphere; a shooting star
a) meteor
b) meteorite
c) asteroid
d) comet

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
a) inner planets
b) outer planets
c) terrestrial planets
d) comets

The ___ is the layer of the Sun in which thermonuclear fusion takes place.
a) solar core
b) chromosphere
c) photosphere
d) corona

Waning means
a) growing
b) shrinking
c) no light
d) all light

Which is NOT something a planet needs to support life?
a) a liquid medium like water
b) carbon
c) oxygen
d) energy

Which planet doesn't have a moon?
a) Jupiter
b) Venus
c) Earth
d) Mars

Which planet is the largest?
a) Saturn
b) Uranus
c) Neptune
d) Jupiter

Our Moon probably formed when
a) a comet was sucked into Earth's gravitational pull
b) an asteroid was sucked into Earth's gravitational pull
c) something ran into Earth and the pieces formed the Moon
d) None of the above

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