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The voyage of James Cook differs from those of sea explorers before him because
a) they were major military victories
b) he discovered Antarctica
c) they had science and exploration as their only goals
d) all the answers are correct

The invention of the ________________ in 1735 was a major breakthrough for open ocean navigation
a) chronometer
b) sextant
c) GPS
d) compass

The Cook expedition geographical discoveries include
a) Antarctica and Hawaii
b) New Zealand and many south Pacific Islands
c) New Zealand and Antarctica
d) many south Pacific Islands and Hawaii

The United States Exploring Expedition proved the existence of
a) Antarctica
b) Australia
c) Africa
d) Arctic

Matthew Maury is the father of physical oceanography because of his studies of the currents and other physical aspects of the sea
a) true
b) false

Darwin's hypothesis explains that coral reef form through a process of coral growth as
a) the sea floor subsides
b) it evolves
c) the sea floor rises

As a result of his observations during the HMS Beagle expedition, Darwin proposed
a) the theory of natural selection and the theory of descent with modification (evolution)
b) the theory of natural selection and the theory of coral extinction
c) the theory of descent with modification (evolution) and the theory of Galapagos current formation
d) the theory of coral extinction and the theory of Galapagos current formation

The expedition recognized as the first devoted entirely to marine science is
a) the first Cook expedition
b) the United States Exploring Expedition
c) the Beagle expedition
d) the Challenger expedition

Discoveries and accomplishment by the HMS Challenger include
a) the first soundings deeper than 4000 meters
b) discovering marine organisms in the deep ocean
c) sampling and illustrating plankton
d) all of the answers are correct

The change that led to the growth and expansion of marine science in the 20th century was
a) the invention of SCUBA
c) the Industrial Revolution
d) the voyage of the Challenger

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