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Payment made by one ruler or country to another for protection or as a sign of submission
a) tribute
b) taxation
c) Gifts
d) Entitlement

The most respected profession in West Africa, especially in Jenne-jeno, was...
a) Farmer
b) Blacksmith
c) Merchant
d) Gardener

The ability to make iron tools allowed for this major change in West Africa?
a) Farmers could plow fields and grow more foods than ever before
b) Wars were more frequent in the area
c) Development of metal boats and transportation
d) Creation of taller buildings

Historians didn't believe that west Africa had created large cities in ancient times. The discovery of this city proved them all wrong. What is the name of the city?
a) Timbuktu
b) Senegal
c) Jenne-jeno
d) Cairo

The process of melting ore to produce iron or other metals from it
a) Mining
b) Smelting
c) Farming
d) Blacksmithing

What were the nok people best known for in this part of the world?
a) Agricultural techniques
b) Transportation innovations
c) Metal working
d) Establishing large cities

The earliest farming communities were made up of
a) Islamic clans
b) Extended families
c) Warrior tribe males
d) Traveling merchants

A vegetation zone of tall grasses and scattered trees, with a long rainy season
a) Savanna
b) Sahel
c) Sahara
d) Tropical Rain forest

A zone of semidesert, south of the Sahara, where short grasses, small bushes, and a few trees grow.
a) Sahars
b) Sahel
c) Savanna
d) Tundra

Which description does not apply to the Sahara?
a) Sand dunes cover nearly 25%
b) Rocky plains
c) Scattered oases
d) Abundance of water

Which of the following empires did not grow out of this time period and geographic location?
a) Songhai
b) Mali
c) Ghana
d) Ming

Which is the best definition for the word efficient?
a) functioning in a way that doesn't work for everyone
b) functioning in the best way, with very little or no waste
c) functioning in the worst way, with very little or no waste
d) functioning in the worst way, massive amount of waste

Which major river flows through western Africa?
a) Nile
b) Amazon
c) Niger
d) Colorado

By the 700's, this group of traders began crossing the Sahara desert into western Africa
a) Christian
b) Arab
c) Byzantine
d) Persian

Which ocean is located directly to the east of the continent of Africa?
a) Indian
b) Atlantic
c) Pacific
d) Southern

How did the empires of West Africa get so wealthy?
a) War and Conquest
b) Taxation and Trade
c) Trade and Farming
d) Taxation and Fishing

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