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A serf is a vassal to a
a) Knight
b) Serf
c) Lord
d) Hobbit

A knight was a vassal to a
a) Knight
b) Lord
c) Serf
d) Elf

These people were invaders from the north
a) Vikings
b) Bears
c) Romans
d) Samurai

A system of promises and protections
a) Vassal
b) Manor
c) Knight
d) Feudalism

A large plot of land that a King would give to his vassals
a) Fief
b) Manor
c) Territory
d) Acre

This religion dominated Europe after the fall of Rome
a) Animism
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Buddhism

This is another term for servant
a) Vassal
b) Serf
c) Fief
d) Knight

A code of conduct that a Knight had to live by
a) Bushido
b) Chivalry
c) Christianity
d) Vassal

A king was a vassal to
a) God
b) A lord
c) A knight
d) A serf

A knight does this for the people above and below them
a) Provides protection
b) Provides food
c) Gives land
d) Nothing

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