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Which major body lies north of Egypt
a) The artic ocean
b) the Atlantic ocean
c) the Mediterranean sea
d) lake superior

Canopic Jars were....
a) Jars where the organs of a person were held during mummification
b) A jar full of delicious snacks
c) Jars with nothing in them
d) Jars filled with cans

What did Howard Carter discover?
a) the sphinx
b) The tomb of King Tut
c) smart boards
d) iphones

women in egypt were
a) enslaved
b) not allowed
c) hated
d) Independent and were given high social status

what did egyptian tomb paintings depict?
a) The desert
b) anthony meklaus
c) the afterlife
d) Madison square garden

What did the Ancient Egyptians use to write
a) Heiroglyphs
b) english
c) Hammurabi's code
d) Sanskrit

What did the Ancient Egyptians practice
a) football
b) Mummification
c) surfing
d) Lacrosse

who was the leader of the egyptian people
a) Justin trudeau
b) Zeus
c) the pharoah
d) King Shrek IV

Which river benefited the people of Egypt agriculturally
a) The Amazon river
b) The Jumanji river
c) The Euphrates river
d) The Nile river

were the Ancient egyptians monotheistic or polytheistic
a) monotheistic
b) polytheistic

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