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Why do Bill and Sam run out of town?
a) They want to leave before Red Chief wakes up.
b) The townspeople run them off.
c) Ebenezer promises ten minutes before he lets Red Chief loose.
d) They have better prospects in the next town over.

Why does Ebenezer suggest bringing Red Chief back at night?
a) He doesn't want the kidnappers to get caught.
b) He wants to make sure Red Chief is still asleep.
c) The neighbors will hurt anyone who brings Red Chief back.
d) He doesn't want anyone to see the money exchanging hands.

What is funny or ironic about Bill being scared of being left alone?
a) He's a grown man afraid of a little boy.
b) He's afraid Sam will never forgive him for bungling the kidnapping.
c) He's afraid of getting caught even though no one is after him.
d) He's afraid Ebenezer will ask him to adopt Red Chief.

What is ironic about the title of this story?
a) There is no real Red Chief
b) The ransom is paid in worthless corn seeds.
c) The ransom is higher than we thought.
d) The ransom is paid by the kidnappers to give Red Chief back.

What was Johnny's reaction when he was returned to his home?
a) ran inside and hugged his mother
b) couldn't wait to ride his horse
c) threw a fit because he didn't want to go home
d) couldn't wait to play Indian with his family

What was ironic about Johnny's reaction when he was returned to his home?
a) he ran inside and hugged his mother
b) he couldn't wait to ride his horse
c) he threw a fit because he didn't want to go home
d) he couldn't wait to play Indian with his family

An example of situational irony in The Ransom of Red Chief is that the kidnappers...
a) choose a child of a well-to-do citizen to kidnap for ransom
b) are named Sam and Bill
c) actually pay money to return the kidnapped victim
d) do not choose a very good location to exchange the ransom money

The climax of the plot occurs when..
a) Ebenezer Dorset's letter demands $250 in order to receive Johnny back home
b) Sam and Bill hide Johnny in a wagon and take him to the cave
c) Red Chief hits Bill Driscoll with a piece of brick
d) Johnny tells the kidnappers that he wants to stay with him

What were the terms of Mr. Dorset's counter offer?
a) He will pay two thousand dollars.
b) He will contact the police.
c) He will pay one thousand dollars.
d) He will accept two hundred fifty dollars in payment from the kidnappers.

How did Sam and Bill sign the ransom note?
a) Two Desperados
b) Two Desperate Men
c) Two Dead Men
d) Two Deranged Men

How can we infer the townspeople feel about the kidnapping?
a) They are afraid someone will bring Red Chief back home.
b) They are worried and anxiously searching for Red Chief.
c) They are afraid that someone may have murdered Red Chief.
d) They are in disbelief that a kidnapping could happen in a small town like Summit.

With what did Sam threaten Red Chief if he doesn't behave?
a) broil him at the stake
b) take him home
c) scalp him
d) tie him up

Which character spies on Summit from up above on Little Mountain to see how the townspeople were reacting to the kidnapping?
a) Red Chief
b) Bill Driscoll
c) Sam
d) Ebenezer Dorset

What did Red Chief threaten to do to Sam?
a) ride him ninety miles
b) scalp him
c) broil him at the stake
d) hit him with a rock

What is NOT an abuse that Johnny heaps upon Bill?
a) Johnny hits Bill with a rock
b) He puts a red-hot potato down Bill's back
c) Johnny spits in Bill's hands
d) Johnny rides Bill like a horse

Who is the narrator of the story?
a) Red Chief
b) Bill Driscoll
c) Ebenezer Dorest
d) Sam

In what state did the story take place
a) Ohio
b) Alabama
c) Canada
d) Illinois

What was the first thing the boy does to Bill?
a) put a hot potato down his back
b) ride on his back for ninety miles
c) scalp him
d) hit him in the eye with a piece of brick

The main reason for choosing to kidnap the boy is that Sam and Bill
a) think that he is brave, healthy, and relaxed
b) believe that he is able to take care of himself
c) believe that his father is an honest and wealthy man
d) see him playing outside unsupervised

What does Mr. Dorset do that shows that the men are not alone in their feelings about the boy?
a) tells the men that they can keep the boy with them at the cave
b) warns the men to return the boy at night so that the neighbors do not see them
c) sends a bike messenger to the appointed place to drop off a note
d) agrees to Sam's instructions about where to pay the ransom

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