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What is agriculture?
a) Farming crops and raising animals
b) Mining minerals
c) Culturing Ags
d) Growing rocks for megaliths

Which of the following tools was invented during the Paleolithic era?
a) Canoe
b) Hand Ax
c) Fish Hook
d) Pottery

Which of the following is NOT a way farming changed societies?
a) Surplus food allowed more trade.
b) People hunted with bows and arrows.
c) People could focus on things other than finding food.
d) People settled in one spot and governments formed.

Hunter-Gatherers are
a) A culture who gathers what they hunt
b) People who only eat plants
c) A culture who hunts animals and gathers edible plant material
d) A culture who hunts for gatherers

What is the Middle Stone Age?
a) Paleolithic
b) Mesolithic
c) Neolithic
d) Mrs. Barger's Childhood

This is the term for a community that shares a culture.
a) Culture
b) Language group
c) Cavemen
d) Society

What is the Old Stone Age? (Up to 10,000 years ago)
a) Paleolithic
b) Mesolithic
c) Neolithic
d) Mr. Hill's Childhood

How were Mesolithic tools different from Paleolithic tools?
a) They were smaller and more complex
b) They were older and cruder
c) They were the first tools hominids used
d) They were used to start civilization

This is an object that was modified to perform a task.
a) Artifact
b) Shelter
c) A really annoying fellow
d) A tool

What is the term for a relative from the past?
a) A cousin
b) An Ancestor
c) Co-evolution
d) Fredrick

How do we divide the different Stone Age periods?
a) By the year
b) By what plant and animals humans hunted
c) By the tools and technology used by humans
d) By the evolutionary characteristics of hominids

What is a hominid
a) A human
b) An ape-like animal
c) A homo-sapien
d) A relative to humans

What is prehistory?
a) Time before writing
b) Time after writing
c) When men were men
d) Time of the hominids

What is a land bridge?
a) Mr. Hill's Belt
b) A bridge over land
c) A strip of land connecting two continents
d) A strip of land connect two oceans.

Which of the following is NOT a Megalith?
a) Stonehenge
b) Big rocks put together for a monument
c) a religious site or for gatherings
d) Where people gather for harvest

What is the term to changing plants or animals to make them more useful to humans?
a) Agriculture
b) Domestication
c) Taming
d) Agro-Wrestling

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