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In 612 B.C., the Medes and Chaldeans joined forces to
a) build the city of Nineveh.
b) find the overland trade route to Asia.
c) destroy the Assyrian empire.
d) conquer Mari.

Babylon became an important center of trade because it was
a) located between cities to the south and north.
b) ruled by a powerful queen.
c) surrounded by massive walls.
d) the site of a great library.

Because the cities in Sumer were separated by long stretches of desert land,
a) they developed into separate city-states.
b) they united under one government.
c) they were ruled by one king and queen.
d) they were frequently destroyed by floods.

Civilization developed in the Fertile Crescent because
a) the rivers there created very rich farmland.
b) the Nile River made it a prosperous area.
c) it was an important mining area.
d) the area was difficult to defend.

A group of travelers journeying together.
a) caravan
b) journey
c) Kramer
d) scribe

A professional writer.
a) scribe
b) caravan
c) journey
d) noble

Many territories and people who are controlled by one government.
a) empire
b) exile
c) caravan
d) exodus

To force someone to live in another country.
a) exile
b) empire
c) exodus
d) exterminator

A story that explains people's beliefs.
a) myth
b) cuneiform
c) oral traditions
d) exile

A time when people starve because there is so little food.
a) famine
b) exile
c) caravan
d) farming

The belief in many gods.
a) polytheism
b) zoroastrianism
c) monotheism
d) Judaism

How did the people of Mesopotamia benefit from the physical geography of their region?
a) using the many mountain ranges
b) using the bodies of water for farming and drinking water
c) using the desert to grow cacti
d) they didn't use it, they moved

What was Hammurabi's Code?
a) laws that Hammurabi had written down for Babylon
b) secret ways Babylonians communicated
c) laws that Hammurabi had written down for Assyria
d) cheat codes for Fortnite

Who developed the first alphabet?
a) Phoenicians
b) Assyrians
c) Akkadians
d) Babylonians

The ______________ are known for the settlement of Canaan.
a) Israelites
b) Babylonians
c) Phoenicians
d) Egyptians

What did the Israelites do that made them different from other people?
a) worshipped one God
b) used Tupperware
c) used mollusk ink to dye their clothes purple
d) created the alphabet

What is Zoroastrianism?
a) a religion that developed in ancient Persia
b) a polytheistic view
c) a region located in the western Mediterranean
d) a religion that worshipped many gods

The two rivers that made up the borders of Mesopotamia were the
a) Tigris and Euphrates
b) Tiger and Euphrates
c) Tiger and Woods
d) Tigris and Europe

What is diaspora?
a) the scattering of people who have a common background or beliefs
b) spread of disease in Mesopotamia
c) belief in more than one God
d) collecting of taxes

What is a covenant?
a) a binding agreement
b) a type of Persian church
c) a place to meet to discuss secret code
d) a marketplace

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