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In an experiment, the group without the variable is...
a) the independent variable group
b) the experimental group
c) the constant group
d) the control group

What is the first step of the scientific method?
a) gather information
b) perform the experiment
c) state the problem
d) form a hypothesis

HYPOTHESIS: If I spend more time studying, then my grades in science will improve. What is the independent variable?
a) improvement in grades
b) playing soft music in the background
c) location for studying science
d) time spent studying

Factors in an experiment that must be kept the same are called —
a) hypothesis
b) constants
c) experimental error
d) variable

Which instruments are needed to measure density?
a) a thermometer and a graduated cylinder
b) a triple beam balance and a graduated cylinder
c) a stopwatch and a triple beam balance
d) a spring scale and a ruler

After recording and analyzing data for an experiment a scientist must —
a) state the problem
b) state the conclusion
c) form a hypothesis
d) gather information

For scientific data to be considered accurate and reliable, most scientific experiments should be —
a) conducted only 1 time
b) repeated no more than 2 times
c) conducted 3 times
d) conducted as many times as possible

What is the basic unit of liquid volume in the metric system?
a) liter
b) celsius
c) gram
d) meter

When a scientist measures the amount of space an object takes up, the scientist is measuring...
a) mass
b) length
c) temperature
d) volume

The basic unit of length in the metric system is the —
a) meter
b) liter
c) gram
d) kilometer

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