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In what year was the Berlin conference held?
a) 1884
b) 1765
c) 1804
d) 1777

Which characteristic is MORE often shared by people belonging to the same ethnic group than people belonging to the same religious group?
a) ancestry
b) religious text
c) common belief system
d) common practice of worship

What is Civil war?
a) A war between two countries
b) A war between two governmens
c) A war between citizens of the same country
d) A war between North and South America

Which statement about religious and ethnic groups is correct?
a) All individuals of a religious group belong to the same ethnic group.
b) All members of particular ethnic or religious groups live in the same area.
c) Individuals in a particular ethnic group typically all belong to different religious groups.
d) Two individuals may belong to the same religious group and still be from different ethnic groups.

What was the result of the event known as the scramble for Africa?
a) European nations took control of almost all of Africa
b) Africa gained its independance
c) North America began to colonize Africa
d) Nothing

Boundaries established by European governments that placed competing ethnic groups within the same country in Africa led to
a) More wealth
b) Civil war
c) Peace
d) More Jobs

What is conflict?
a) A disagreement between to or more people
b) Having the same beliefs as your ethnic group
c) An agreement between two or more people
d) A way to solve problems

Why did European nations want to colonize Africa?
a) to build up African economics
b) to teach Africans how to govern themselves
c) to gain wealth from trade and Africa's natural resources
d) to prevent Asian countries from taking control of Africa

The ____ conference is were 14 European countries met to set up ground rules for trade and territorial claims of Africa.
a) Berlin Conference
b) Meeting of the super powers
c) United Kingdom divide
d) Dividing of Africa

The word Partition means to
a) to build
b) to divide or separate
c) to bring together
d) to destroy

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