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This graph uses blocks of different sizes to show a relationship.
a) circle
b) bar
c) line
d) pie

When you round 80.59 to the nearest ones the answer would be...
a) 80.60
b) 81
c) 80.58
d) 80.50

How close measurements are to one another is
a) estimation
b) accuracy
c) precision
d) rate

Accuracy compares measurements to the real, actual, or accepted value.
a) True
b) Falsse

We use the SI unit of meteres to measure
a) weight
b) volume
c) rate
d) length

When rounding numbers you look to the number on the left.
a) True
b) Fasle

Temperature uses an SI unit called
a) Kelvin
b) thermometer
c) heat index
d) mass

Drawings and illustrations can help people visualize complex ideas.
a) True
b) False

This graph shows a fraction of a whole.
a) Bar
b) Circle/pie
c) Line

Tables display information while graphs are used to summarize data.
a) True
b) False

A rough measurement of an object is
a) precision
b) comparison
c) estimation

Cubic meters are used to show the amount of
a) mass
b) rate
c) temperature
d) volume

The International System of Units, or SI, is NOT the accepted system of measurement.
a) True
b) False

What would you use to measure length?
a) scale
b) cylinder
c) ruler
d) stop watch

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