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Atomic mass is ___________.
a) The average weight or mass of atoms of a particular element.
b) The number of protons in an atom.
c) The protons plus neutrons.
d) Always a whole number.

What is in the nucleus?
a) Protons
b) Neutrons
c) A and B
d) A and B, plus electrons

Who came up with the Law of Conservation of Matter?
a) Rutherford
b) Dalton
c) Thomson
d) Lavoisier

Electrons are found in the ___________.
a) Nucleus
b) Electron cloud
c) Mass number
d) Atomic mass

Nonmetals are _______.
a) Shiny, good conductors, and typically found in solid form.
b) Typically found in a gas form, brittle, and poor conductors.
c) Sometimes a gas, sometimes brittle, sometimes shiny, a little bit of everything.
d) On the left side of the periodic table.

A mixture is made from a ____________ change.
a) Chemical
b) Physical
c) Chem-sical

A __________ is a pure substance whose smallest unit is made of atoms of more than one element.
a) Mixture
b) Element
c) Compound
d) Substance

Where are metals found on the periodic table?
a) Left and middle
b) Rigth side
c) Middle only
d) Bottom only

The atomic number of an element, tells us its ___________.
a) Proton amount
b) Neutron amount
c) Electron amount
d) All of the above

Thomson founded the ___________ for us as a contribution to the atomic theory.
a) Electron
b) Nucleus
c) Proton
d) Neutron

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