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SI units are useful because they are all related by multiples of _______________.
a) two
b) five
c) 10
d) 50

Science cannot answer questions about ________________.
a) distance
b) temperature
c) politics
d) the natural world

A camera is an example of _________________.
a) an experiment
b) a robot
c) technology
d) a scientific method

A cubic centimeter can be expressed as ______________.
a) ccm
b) cm^3 or cc
c) ct
d) ccm3

If you were to round off the measurement 2.33501 grams to three digits, you would get _____________.
a) 2.33 g
b) 2.34 g
c) 2.35 g
d) 2.36 g

Limitations of models include _____________.
a) ability to communicate
b) the ability to test predictions
c) the tendency to change
d) the ability to save time

Scientific _____________ must be supported by observations and results from many investigations and are not ___________ absolute.
a) constants
b) theories
c) systems
d) laws

A variable in an experiment that stays the same is a (n) _______________.
a) independent variable
b) dependent variable
c) constant
d) control

When evaluating a paper delivery, a homeowner would be most concerned about ________________.
a) the accuracy of the throws
b) the precision of the throws
c) the speed of the throws
d) the timing of the throws

A bowler who always left the same three pins standing could be considered a(n) _____________ bowler.
a) accurate and precise
b) accurate
c) precise
d) good

_______________ materials are designed to get you to buy a product or service.
a) Model
b) Scientific
c) Observed
d) Advertising

Scientists must be impartial and not base their conclusions on ______________.
a) opinions
b) evidence
c) models
d) experiments

Models can be used to describe which of the following environments?
a) the floor of the ocean
b) volcanoes
c) space
d) all of the above

A millisecond is to a second as one is to ________________.
a) 1,000
b) 100
c) 10
d) 100,000

The value of the boiling point of water on the Kelvin scale is __________ the value of the boiling point of water on the Celsius scale.
a) equal to
b) lower than
c) higher than
d) 10 times

When you measure something in meters cubed, you are measuring ______________.
a) length
b) area
c) volume
d) mass

The advantage data in a table has over data presented in a paragraph is the _____________.
a) number of digits that can be included
b) accuracy of the data
c) way the data is organized
d) amount of detail that can be included

To make a scale drawing of a basketball court, which of the following scales would be most useful?
a) 1 cm= 1 m
b) 1 km = 1 m
c) 1 m = 1 km
d) 1 m = 1 cm

In which of the following situations would it NOT be wise to estimate?
a) the number of miles per gallon an automobile can provide
b) the time it would take to walk to the grocery store from home
c) the amount of food to prepare for twelve people
d) the amount of medicine to give a patient

To _____________________ means to draw a conclusion based on something you observe.
a) guess
b) control
c) model
d) infer

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