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What is the author trying to emphasize about Beowul when he causes Beowulf's swords to fail?
a) Beowulf is not human
b) Beowulf is so strong that he can fight without a weapon
c) the monsters are so strong that swords can't hurt them
d) the author is trying to make the story more interesting

The following example of personification emphasized what about Beowulf's sword : The decorated blade came down ringing and singing on her head, but he soon found his battle torch extinguished, the shining blade refused to bite
a) that grendel's mom had a spell preventing harm from weapons just like her son
b) that the sword had failed beowulf just as it did against the dragon
c) the power of grendel's mom
d) using a sword against evil magical beasts is often useless

Which of the following lines contains an example of personification
a) The howl of the loss, the lament of the hell-serf keening his wound
b) The dragon rippled down the rock, writhing with anger
c) A few miles from here, a frost stiffened wood waits and keeps watch
d) He is hasped and hooped and hirpling with pain

Beowulf asks Wiglaf to be the next leader because Wiglaf
a) defeats the dragon alone
b) asks to be the Geats next leader
c) displays bravery and loyalty when he fights with Beowulf
d) shows more strength that Beowulf does in the dragon fight

In which line does Grendel first show fear?
a) line 763
b) line 733
c) line 752
d) line 769

The author siggests that Grendel's behaviour is mainly caused by his
a) loneliness after being banished by God
b) natural evil inherited from Cain
c) scorn of the Danes luxurious feasting
d) indignation at the king's goodness

Why does Beowulf take Grendel's head back to Heorot when he finishes killing Gendel's mother?
a) to present as a trophy to Hrothgar
b) to ensure Grendel will not revive and return to terrorize the land
c) to avenge the slaughter of his troops by Grendel and settle the score
d) all of the above

What does Wiglaf's fighting the dragon tell you about the importance of honor in the anglo-saxon perior?
a) a warrior protects his king even at the risk of death
b) courage is knowing when your enemy is too strong to fight
c) a king's greatness is measured by is warrior's courage
d) fighting to the death is the only was to leave a legacy

Which phrase best describes the desired result intended for Grendel from this quotation : they could hack at Grendel from every side, trying to open a path for his evil soul but their points could not hurt him
a) to kill him
b) to drive him out of the hall
c) to speak to him in a seance
d) to help him escape

When the dying Beowulf gives Wiglaf his gold necklace, the gesture means that
a) Beowulf has captured the monster's treasure
b) Beowulf wants Wiglaf to kill his comrades
c) Beowulf recognizes Wiglaf's superior strength in battle
d) Beowulf is passing on the rulership of Geatland to Wiglaf

The following lines are best illustrated by which answer below: Then he who had harrowed the hearts of men, with pain and affliction in former times, and had given offence also to God, found that his bodily powers failed him (808-810
a) Grendel's realization that he was beginning to defeat Beowulf
b) Grendel's realization that his powers were fading and Beowulf would defeat him
c) Beowulf's realization that the dragon was going to defeat him
d) Hrothgar's musing that he should have ordered Unferth to aid Beowulf in battle

At the end of Beowulf, Wiglaf thinks he and his comrades should help Beowulf fight the dragon because
a) Beowulf is too old and sick to fight
b) it will increase Beowulf's chance of victory
c) they could then claim a share of the gold
d) in the past they had promised to repay Beowulf's kindness with their lives

Grendel couldn't harm Hrothgar's throne because
a) it was protected by God
b) it ws built by Giants
c) it was guarded
d) he couldn't reach it

How many years after defeating Grendel does Beowulf fight a dragon?
a) 1
b) 25
c) 40
d) 50

Which is a universal theme in the epic Beowulf?
a) War helps kingdoms grow
b) There will always be another kingdom to help
c) Everyone will have to fight monsters at some point
d) A good leader is brave and fearless

Which of the following allusions ( a reference to a well known story to make a point) does the poet make in reference to Grendel?
a) reference to anglo saxons
b) biblical story of Cain
c) biblical story of Job
d) reference to History of English Speaking Peoples

Why does beowulf sail to Hrothgar's kingdom Denmark ?
a) to bring home treasures from that rich kingdom
b) to help Hrothgar by destroying a monster and to gain fame for himself
c) to win glory by slaying a fire breathing dragon
d) to take over Higlac's throne

Which of the following is NOT an element of the epic genre?
a) lighthearted tone
b) national values
c) episodes important to the nation's history
d) struggle of good versus evil

How was the story of Beowulf originally spread?
a) It was memorized and recited aloud
b) writing in letters and passed down from parent to child
c) spoken in churches
d) published as a book

What is the purpose of an epic poem?
a) to entertain
b) to pass down scial and moral standards through a culture
c) to inspire fear
d) to make sure that mem wanted to go into the army

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