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If a Realist writer were writing today, which of these would he/she be most likely to write
a) A murder case where the killer still hears the victim's heart beating
b) The Black Panther sequel
c) Retelling urban myth stories like Slender Man
d) Pointing out corrupt politicians

Why was Realism so popular in the 1800s
a) More than just rich people were learning to read
b) Printing books became cheaper
c) Travel was possible but most people still couldn't travel physically
d) All of these are correct

Which of these is a Realist sentence
a) Wherefore art thou
b) I was so cold this morning that my teeth were chattering
c) What time is lunch, I am starving to death
d) I was hungry like the wolf

Which of these is not a group that Realist writing focused on
a) Slaves/former slaves
b) Monsters like Medusa and Arachne
c) Immigrants
d) Civil War soldiers and people caught in the fighting

If a piece of writing is full of similes and hyperbole it is
a) probably not Realist writing
b) Likely a Realist writing
c) Easy for everyone to picture and understand
d) possible that it is Realist and possible that it isn't since all writing styles use a lot of similes and hyperbole

Realism started because
a) Edgar Allan Poe was too depressing
b) People valued imagination and nature
c) People were happy with life and saw the world as a place full of wonder
d) People were disillusioned with the world

Realist writings were written to be
a) realistic
b) easy for everyone to understand
c) neither of these answers
d) Both of these answers

Edgar Allan Poe was
a) A Realist poet but not a Realist writer
b) Both a Realist writer and a Realist poet
c) Neither a Realist writer nor a Realist poet
d) Not a Realist poet but a Realist writer

Who was the author of the biggest Realist writing we read
a) Patrick Henry
b) Moses Roper
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Walt Whitman

What made our slave story a Realist writing
a) It was written during the 1700s
b) It was very descriptive
c) It was nonfiction and only nonfiction can be Realist
d) None of these answers are correct

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