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What is the difference of the present continuous and the past simple?
a) At two times the ing is added.
b) Both have the same action with verbs.
c) To talk in general about general actions in present time and the Continuous to talk about continuous actions in progress or u
d) The difference between the two is that they perform actions that have already happened

The verb of the present continuous is added?
a) Ed
b) D
c) ING
d) S

Which of the prayer is in the present continuous?
a) He has returned my car at last.
b) Paul and Jennifer are studying French at university.
c) You have invested in something revolutionary.
d) I have played this game several times.

Which of the sentences is in affirmative?
a) We are eating.
b) You aren´t eating.
c) Are we eating.
d) They aren't sleeping on the sofa.

Which of the prayers is being drilled this very moment?
a) I am going to London.
b) He is always working.
c) I am reading a book.
d) They’re playing football after work.

What is the rule that is used for the present continuous?
a) Subject / pronoun + to be was / were + verb gerund + rest of the sentence.
b) Subject + am / is / are + form -ing of the verb + complement.
c) Subject + main verb.
d) Subject + auxiliary verb (to be) + verb + ing.

In which action the ing is added to the verb?
a) When the verb is in the past
b) When the verb ends in “s”
c) When a verb ends in a consonant-vowel-consonant
d) When the verb ends in “es”

To which of these verbs is added the ing?
a) Fly
b) Hate
c) Think
d) Want

What is the present continuous?
a) It is the verb tense we use to describe actions that are happening at this moment, that is, at the moment in which we are spe
b) They are verb tenses that refer to past actions.
c) Actions that are usually about to occur in everyday life.
d) Are actions or customs.

When do we use the present continuous?
a) We use the present continuous for actions that are about to happen.
b) It is used for things that have already happened in the environment.
c) When there are events that are happening.
d) They are used for actions in the future.

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