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Au stands for
a) gold
b) silver
c) potassium
d) augernium

What element has an atomic number of 11?
a) gallium
b) lead
c) sodium
d) sulfur

What is the only liquid metal?
a) Lead
b) Gold
c) Mercury
d) Brass

Which one of the following is an alkali metal?
a) Zinc
b) Aluminum
c) Gold
d) Potassium

Which element has the atomic number of 26?
a) Iron
b) Titanium
c) Hydrogen
d) Polonium

Which one of these elements has four electrons in their outer shell?
a) hydrogen
b) carbon
c) helium
d) boron

What are shiny, reactive metals?
a) Lanthanides
b) Actinides
c) carbons
d) borons

What element makes up 80% of the air?
a) Oxygen
b) Hydrogen
c) Argon
d) Nitrogen

What element does not follow the patterns of the rest of the periodic table?
a) Sodium
b) Potassium
c) Hydrogen
d) Helium

Neon and Argon are examples of?
a) halogens
b) noble gases
c) lanthanides
d) actinides

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