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What's in the electron cloud?
a) Protons
b) Neutrons
c) Electrons
d) Chicken Nuggets

What's inside the nucleus of an atom?
a) Protons and Neutrons
b) The digestive system
c) Electrons and Protons
d) Electrons and Neutrons

What groups in the periodic table are the most reactive?
a) 8, 9, and 21
b) 4, 5, and 7
c) The U.S, China, and Mexico
d) 1, 2, and 17

Where is the valence number?
a) Above the group number
b) Below the group number
c) Beside the group number
d) In my stomach

How do you find the shell number of an atom?
a) By looking at the chemical symbol
b) By looking at the group number
c) By farting
d) By looking at the period number

What's the smallest building particle in the world?
a) Bacterias
b) Cells
c) Atoms
d) Burguers

How is the periodic table organized?
a) Atomic number increases as it goes from left to right
b) Atomic number decreases as it goes
c) Atomic number stays the same as it goes
d) Is this Social Studies

What's the same as the atomic number of an atom?
a) Protons
b) Electrons
c) No idea
d) Both, A and B

What's always the charge of an atom's nucleus?
a) Negative
b) Neutral
c) Positive
d) Chicken noodle soup

What's always the charge of every atom?
a) Positive
b) Neutral
c) Negative
d) McDonald's

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