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I can lose my citizenship by
a) not voting
b) being convicted of certain crimes
c) not volunteering
d) paying taxes

what is a Refugee?
a) people who flee their country to escape danger
b) are people who vote in their native country
c) a resident alien
d) cannot vote in elections

Which is NOT a requirement in the Naturalization process?
a) Be 18 years or older
b) Take an oath
c) Have good moral character
d) Fail the citizenship test

The study of the rights and duties of citizens
a) immigration
b) civics
c) natural born citizen
d) naturalization

The legal process to obtain citizenship is called
a) the study of immigration in the US
b) the study of the duties and rights of citizens
c) the study of voting
d) the study of the economy

Concurrent Powers are
a) powers not shared by the states and fed gov
b) powers shared by the states and fed gov
c) reserved only for the states
d) reserved only for the federal gov

An example of reserved powers would be
a) veto bills
b) coin money
c) checks balances
d) public schools

Enumerated Powers are
a) powers granted to the states
b) powers granted directly to federal gov by the Constitution
c) power that do not exists anywhere
d) powers shared

Reserved powers are
a) Powers granted by Constitution to fed gov
b) powers given to the states
c) power to coin money
d) powers held concurrently

Enumerated Powers are sometimes called
a) Reserved Powers
b) Concurrent Powers
c) Supreme Powers
d) Expressed Powers

Supremacy clause states
a) Laws made by Federal gov are the supreme law of the land
b) Laws made by state gov are supreme law of the land
c) Laws made by federal state gov
d) Shared power between the fed and state

What is Federalism?
a) The people vote
b) The President is elected
c) only the states have power
d) power is divided between the federal states

This is an example of checks and balances
a) The President declares war
b) The President can veto a bill
c) The President can not be impeached
d) The President coins money

What is Checks and balances
a) The Legislative runs the entire country
b) A form of government where power is divided btwn fed state
c) no one cares
d) Each branch is able to restrain the power of the others

Separation of Powers
a) Powers are assigned to one branch
b) Powers are divided between separate branches
c) Power is not split
d) The branches battles each other for supremacy

Which is an example of civic duty?
a) voting
b) be informed
c) obey laws
d) volunteer in your community

What is rule of law?
a) ll people are subject to the law; no one is above the law
b) we don't need to listen to rules or laws
c) we can chose to not obey laws
d) its a traffic violation

What is limited government?
a) The government has no limits on power
b) the laws do not matter
c) government power is restricted by law, the Constitution
d) We limit the people's voice

What is popular sovereignty
a) The government tells the people what to do
b) The people do not have a say
c) government receives its power from the people; voting
d) The people do not care

Serve in Court/Juries is an example of
a) Civic Duty
b) Civic Responsibility

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