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who invented the computer
a) seymor
b) charles babbage
c) jean piaget
d) papert

in what year was invented the computer
a) 1833 and 1871
b) 1930 and 1990
c) 1956 and 1999
d) 1950 and 1998

what is the computer for
a) is easy
b) it serves man as valuable tool
c) for research some information
d) is cheap

why is important uses
a) many students do not have a computer
b) has many disadvantages to use
c) because it can help you find information
d) almost nobody has access to internet

concept of computer
a) basically is device whose main function is to process fargw accounts
b) is used to perform various tasks within a wide variety of areas
c) are used to write symbols, letters,numbers etc.
d) serves man as a valuable tool for research information

what is the purposes of the technology
a) basically a device whose main function is to process large amounts
b) it also serves to do jobs outside the home and then take them to the office
c) although the instructions in the first machines had to be entered in zeron and ones
d) is used to perform various tasks within a wide variety

advantages of owning a computer
a) is easy to learn
b) you can find information
c) is difficult to learn
d) is cheap

what has been the evolution of technology
a) has envolved many years ago has implemented new ideas
b) they have been envolving since its creation passing through different generation
c) has gone through many generations and the fifth the most recent
d) a machine used by man

what is the relationship between technology and information technology
a) technology is part of our day its something so naturalized
b) is increible
c) they are mutually related since technology is abroad concept that encompases
d) the value that technology brings in every field and how health benefits

line time of the evolution of technology
a) 1833, 1871, 1930
b) 1995, 1999, 2010
c) 1999, 2010 , 2017
d) 2008, 2010, 2017

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